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Fillet bracket with cover for Metropole poles

This bracket is used when wall fixing a 7600, 7610, 7630, 7620, 7640, 7650 or 7605 pole and you want to fix the pole to the wall. At least one bracket is required every 80cm. Extra brackets may be required if the fixing position is weak.

White - £59.88
Matt White - £59.88
Ecru - £59.88
Taupe - £59.88
Ochre - £59.88
Sand - £59.88
Antique Bronze - £59.88
Bronze - £59.88
Chrome - £59.88
Silver Anodised - £59.88
Anodic Grey - £59.88
Slate Grey - £59.88
Gunmetal - £59.88
Charcoal - £58.80
Black - £59.88
From: £59.88 RRP: £70.45

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The Silent Gliss fillet bracket fits the Metropole range; The bracket is a contemporary alternative to the wall fitting. Its sleek lines flow into a tapered finish and completed with a magnetic screw cover. The bracket allows enough space for a finial to be added to the end of the pole and can be used on the hand drawn 23mm pole, hand drawn 7610 30mm pole or the corded 7630 30mm pole as well as the 50mm pole range consisting of the corded 7620 pole,hand drawn 7640 and electrically operated 7650 system. 

Each bracket is sold individually.

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