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2.5" Extra Long Universal Bracket for Tracks

The Silent Gliss 3660 Nylon Bracket can be used to extend the 1080, 1280, 3000 and 3900 tracks 72mm from the wall. This bracket is an optional extra.

£4.28 RRP: £5.04

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The Silent Gliss 3660 Bracket is a longer version of the 3630 bracket that comes as standard with the Uncorded and corded curtain tracks. This bracket can be used on the 1080 and 1280 uncorded system or the 3000 and 3900 corded systems. The 3660 bracket is made of Nylon not plastic, this makes the bracket much stronger than plastic brackets as well as being much more resistant to direct sunlight. Plastic brackets, overtime become brittle when exposed to sunlight, our nylon brackets do not. The extra long universal bracket extends the track 72mm from the wall to the centre of the track channel. This bracket is only available in white.

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