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Corded Curtain Poles

If you like the convenience of a cord, but want to make a bit more of a statement when it comes to the design, corded curtain poles are perfect.

Now available for more than just curtain tracks, we offer stunning poles allowing you to open and close your traditional curtains this way too.

Effortless Style

Make using your curtains really easy with cord drawn curtain poles. The curtains run on gliders which are moved by pulling a cord, so opening them is virtually effortless.

Some tracks work the same way, but corded curtain poles have the added advantage of a traditional pole shape. This means you can add finials to customise your look. Some, like our Strata and Groove Ball finials, can also be used to hide the cording set in the end of the pole.

With 13 colours to choose from, the Silent Gliss 6120 curtain poles look great in any home.

Why Choose a Corded Curtain Pole?

You can get a great look with a regular curtain pole, but a corded version gives you so much more. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Your curtains are less likely to get dirty or damaged with constant handling
  • They can be operated in areas with restricted access as you don’t need to reach the top of the window
  • Heavy curtains can be pulled with less effort

Corded curtain poles can take as much weight as tracks. The corded versions on our site are perfect for bulky, long drop curtains and can carry in excess of 15kg.  When combined with roller gliders, these poles operate smoothly and efficiently, whatever you decide to hang on them.

Don’t Miss our Silent Gliss Curtain Poles

We offer Silent Gliss corded curtain poles as they are the very best for heavy curtains, bay windows and long stretches like bi-fold doors. They can also be fitted flush to the ceiling, which is handy when there’s little or no room to attach the pole above the window.

The Silent Gliss brand is renowned for the quality of its products, and its 6120 and 6160 Metropoles are no exception.

Our corded curtain poles are ideal for bays and can be bent and manipulated by our engineers into all manner of shapes.  We’ve never come across a bay window that we couldn’t find a curtain pole or track for. Also, because we use advanced computer software to ensure the measurements are correct, you can order a made-to-measure product with complete confidence.

With flexibility of fixing, plus finial, colour and bending options, these corded curtain poles are attractive and functional. Order yours today.

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  1. Silent Gliss 7630 - 30mm Corded Metropolitan Metal Pole

    The Silent Gliss 7630 30mm Diameter Pole combines the glider and bracket technology of the 7610 Metropole but adds separate cording channels so that the pole can be corded to enable operation by a cord rather than handling the curtains. The Corded Metro pole can be bent to suit bay windows by our trained engineers and can be top fixed to a ceiling or face fixed to a wall. The Silent Gliss 7630 is also available in the same colours as the 7610 Metropole. The 7630 can also operate multiple curtains and is suitable for heavy curtains.

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6120 30mm pole.

    From: £246.17 RRP: £289.61
  2. Silent Gliss 7640 - 50mm Corded Metropolitan Metal Pole

    The 7640 Silent Gliss 50mm Metropole is a larger version of the 7630 30mm Metropole. The only difference between the products is the diameter of the pole. Both the 7630 and the 7640 can carry the same weight of curtain and can be fitted flush to the ceiling or face fixed to the wall. The 50mm Metropole comes made to measure to the size required complete with adjustable brackets or top fix brackets as standard. Also included as standard are ten gliders per metre and end caps. Finials are available as extras.

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6160 50mm pole

    From: £415.00 RRP: £488.23

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