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Corded Curtain Tracks

Enhance the look of your home with our handy corded curtain rails. The minimalist design means the fabric takes centre stage, while the cord takes the fuss out of operating your curtains.

Why Choose a Corded Track?

Having a cord means you don’t have to touch your curtains to operate them. This protects them from dirt and damage, and also saves you having to reach up to open and close them.

Corded tracks are particularly useful for:

  • High ceilings or large windows
  • People with poor mobility
  • Silk, voile or delicate curtains which could be damaged by frequent handling
  • Light coloured curtains that need to be kept clean
  • Heavy or awkward curtains

Draw rods can be useful for smaller windows, but for tall, wide windows and heavy curtains, you can’t beat a corded track.

Silent Gliss Curtain Track Systems

We offer corded rails from Silent Gliss for one simple reason – they’re widely regarded as the best. The cords run in enclosed channels, which means they’ll never slip or fall out, and the rails themselves are made from high-grade aluminium. The quality of the tracks means they can even be bent backwards or forwards to suit bay windows – just enter your dimensions online and our experts will create the required curves and angles using special equipment.

Silent Gliss supply made-to-measure products to the big high street retailers. But why pay high street prices? Get a corded curtain track from us and you’ll save 15% on RRP.

Give our Quality Tracks a Go

We sometimes hear people say they’ve had trouble with corded curtain rails in the past. But it’s not the cord that’s the problem – it’s the quality of the track and the people manufacturing it.

A well-made corded track should work better than an uncorded version – it’s just a question of getting the right model for your curtains.

Schools, theatres and cinemas often use corded curtain rails, and these work effectively with huge, heavy curtains. There’s no reason domestic versions shouldn’t work just as well.

We offer two Silent Gliss tracks. The 3000 is best for light curtains, while the 3900 is great for heavier ones. Each comes with a five-year guarantee.

Make your life easier with corded curtain tracks. Order online today, or contact us on 01494 535699.

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  1. Silent Gliss 3900 - Corded Metal Track

    The 3900 Curtain Track from Silent Gliss is the best available, it is the top of the range in corded curtain tracks. The 3900 curtain track comes as standard with roller gliders that instead of sliding along the track, roll along the edge to make the working of the track much easier and smoother. It has separate cording channels to contain the cords preventing them from coming out thus removing the need for tension pulleys to hold the cord tight. This also allows the track to bend forwards or backwards. This all combines to make the Silent Gliss 3900 suitable for heavyweight curtains capable of carrying up to 22kg in curtain weight. The Silent Gliss 3900 is a superb curtain track. It can be bent by our engineers to fit bay window shapes and can be fixed using a top fix or face fix bracket. It can be made in one piece up to 600cm wide.

    From: £112.70 RRP: £132.59
  2. Silent Gliss 3840 - Corded Metal Track

    The Silent Gliss 3840 Corded curtain track is purposely designed for ceiling or top fixing application.  It is operated by using a cord that can be located at either side, or both so that the curtains can be operated independently.  The Silent Gliss 3840 looks the same front and back so when used in conjunction with the ceiling fixing 3825 bracket the 3840 makes the perfect room dividing system.  The Silent Gliss 3840 is suitable for medium weight curtains and can be upgraded by adding roller gliders, making it suitable for heavy curtains.  The wave glider can also be used on the 3840 system which when used in conjunction with the wave curtain heading tape gives a very modern, simple curtain heading style.  This corded curtain track is suitable for bay windows and can be bent in our factory by special tooling.

    From: £114.67 RRP: £134.91
  3. Silent Gliss 3000 - Corded Metal Curtain Track

    The Silent Gliss 3000 corded curtain track is an exceptional track suitable for light/medium weight curtains. The track can be bent to suit bay windows to a 100mm, 150mm or 200mm radius and can also be gradually curved to much larger radii for semi-circle or bow windows. The 3000 track can be made up to 600cm in one piece and can be corded with an intermediate pulley that splits operation into to pulleys allowing for multiple curtains or longer windows.

    The Silent Gliss 3000 is an aluminium track available in white.

    From: £112.01 RRP: £131.77

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