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Uncorded Poles with Gliders

Get the best of both worlds thanks to curtain poles with gliders. That way you have the classic look of a pole, plus the ease-of-use of a track.

Although pole shaped, our Silent Gliss Metropoles have nylon gliders instead of rings. That means the curtains open and close smoothly, even if they’re heavy or large. And while some curtain rings scrape and screech, gliders are extremely quiet.

Why Choose a Pole with Gliders?

Poles with gliders can have more brackets than regular poles as there are no rings to interfere with the movement of the curtains. That means they’re ideal for bay windows or weak fixing points. The lack of rings also means you can fix the pole to the ceiling if required.

Use an uncorded pole if you want to make a statement with your window treatments. While conventional curtain tracks are typically low profile and understated, poles give a more dramatic effect.

We can bend these poles to fit the shape of your window perfectly, whether it’s multi-angled, curved or square. Simply enter the shape and dimension of your window when ordering for an instant quote.

Silent Gliss Metropole with Gliders

The Metropole is a stylish, contemporary design from a respected manufacturer. Choose from a variety of colours and finishes, including metallic and wood effects, plus a number of different widths. A chunky design looks best mounted high up in a large room, while slender models are more suitable for small windows and low ceilings.

There’s also the Metro Flat, which has a rectangular profile instead of round. This Silent Gliss curtain pole fits in perfectly with angular furniture and modern interiors.

All models have compatible finials and midials for even more design options.

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  1. Silent Gliss 7600 - 23mm Hand Drawn Uncorded Metropole Metal Pole

    The Silent Gliss Metropole 7600 is a 23mm diameter pole that operates using gliders instead of the traditional rings around the pole. This allows the gliders to operate without interference from the brackets. The 7600 is available in white, matt white, ecru, chrome, silver anodised, gunmetal or charcoal. This pole is suitable for bay windows and can be bent by our engineers in our factory using special tooling to the specifications and dimensions of your bay window.

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 1003 23mm pole.

    From: £105.60 RRP: £124.24
  2. Silent Gliss 7610 - 30mm Metropole

    The Silent Gliss 7610 Metro Pole is the best selling bespoke curtain pole for bay windows. This is because it operates like a track but looks like a pole. The gliders and brackets are fitted in separate channels on the pole so that the gliders and curtains can run smoothly around bends and past the brackets without any restriction or interruption. An additional benefit to the pole operating in this method is that the pole can be fitted to a wall or virtually flush to a ceiling. The 30mm diameter Metropole is available in white, matt white, ecru, taupe, ochre, sand, antique bronze, bronze, chrome, silver anodised, anodic grey, slate grey, gunmetal, charcoal and black.

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6130 30mm pole.

    From: £132.83 RRP: £156.27
  3. Silent Gliss 7620 - 50mm Uncorded Metropolitan Metal Pole

    The Metropole is also available in a 50mm diameter version. The pole still operates in the same fashion with gliders instead of rings to reduce friction and to avoid the technical problems of rings going past brackets and around bends. The Silent Gliss 7620 can be fitted to a wall or a ceiling and is able to be bent by our engineers to suit bay windows..

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6140 50mm pole.

    From: £255.65 RRP: £300.76
  4. Silent Gliss 7605 - 36mm Metro Flat

    The Silent Gliss Metro Flat 7605 pole is a product that is designed to be suitable for bay windows and long curtain expanses. The gliders and brackets are fitted separately so that one does not obstruct the other when operating. The face depth of the Metro flat is 36mm and is available in white, matt white, silver anodised, black, charcoal, gunmetal, slate grey, anodic grey, bronze, antique bronze and chrome. The Metro flat can be bent by our engineers to suit most bay windows, we are able to bend these poles in our factory to dimensions you supply.

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6100 36mm pole.

    From: £130.56 RRP: £153.60

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