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Uncorded Curtain Poles

Uncorded curtain poles are a design classic – but that doesn’t mean you have to go for a traditional look. Curtain poles with rings create a warm, homely feel, but if you’re after something more modern, a pole with gliders is a great option.

Take a look at our hand-picked range, including everything from off-the-shelf curtain rods to custom design Silent Gliss curtain poles.

Traditional Curtain Poles with Rings

Curtain poles with rings are a more traditional style of curtain rod. They suit older properties and create a feeling of comfort and luxury. Our metal designs are solidly built and will last for years.

Although this sort of pole has been around a long time, our up-to-date designs are cleverly engineered to be easier to use.

Rings made only from metal can scratch and scrape, but our rings have plastic inlays ensuring they run along the pole smoothly and silently.

If you have extra-long curtain poles or bay windows, it’s likely you’ll need a number of brackets to support the pole. With O-shaped rings, the brackets can get in the way, but with our C-rings and passing brackets, you’ll be able to manoeuvre your curtains with ease.

Uncorded Curtain Poles with Gliders

Most modern uncorded curtain poles have nylon gliders instead of rings. These make opening and closing the curtains easier than ever before.

The Silent Gliss Metropole is a fantastic example of a pole with gliders. The pole shape means it looks attractive, and it’s available in a range of colours, but it works as efficiently as a plain white track. 

This sort of pole is especially good for bay windows, as the gliders run freely past the brackets. It’s also extremely quiet.

If your curtains are very large or heavy, you might find poles with rings difficult to operate. In that case, it’s best to go for uncorded curtain poles.

Best of Both

Both types of pole can be bent to suit bay windows and be made in lengths of up to 600cm – in one piece!  For the best bay or long window poles, take a look at the Silent Gliss 6130 Metropole and Bradbury Stainless Steel Pole.

If you need any kind of help or advice when it comes to choosing your uncorded curtain poles, phone us or use our enquiry form.

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  1. Seychelles 40mm Wooden Pole

    A handcrafted wooden curtain pole from the stylish Seychelles range. It has a classic design in great quality wood for a luxury touch in any room. Available in a 40mm diameter and a choice of lengths from 1.8m to 6.0m for the perfect fit. Choose from six elegant shades that will complement any interior design.

    Finial options: Ball, Hive, Minaret, Fluted Urn, Endcap, recess cup

    Colour options: Blush, Cotton, Haze, Mist, Sand, Truffle

    From: £74.65 RRP: £87.83
  2. Hardwick 40mm Wooden Pole

    The Hardwick Pole is a 40mm diameter classic wooden curtain pole. It is available in Antique Gold, Cotton, Putty and Oak. It comes cut to size, complete with rings, three wall fixing brackets and finials of your choosing.

    Finial options: Plain ball, Woven Ball, Minaret, Urn

    Colour options: Antique Gold, Cotton, Putty and Oak

    From: £74.65 RRP: £87.83
  3. Oakham 50mm Wooden Pole

    This wooden curtain pole from the Oakham range has been handcrafted in the UK using only the highest quality materials. It's available in a 50mm diameter and a range of lengths, from 1.8m to 6.0m.

    Finial options: Ball, Cone

    Colour options: Light Oak, Medium Oak, Wenge, Honey, Chestnut, Tusk, Dove

    From: £116.64 RRP: £137.22
  4. Bradbury 30mm Stainless Steel Curtain Pole with Rings

    The Bradbury Pole works in the traditional manner of having rings hand drawn along the pole. It is a stainless steel 30mm diameter pole and is of a very high quality. The Bradbury Pole can be bent by our engineers using heavy duty electric power bending machinery. To withstand this process, the pole needs to be of an extremely high standard – not any pole can be bent to suit bay windows. This model is 100% stainless steel and not a steel pole with a stainless steel effect.

    The Bradbury Pole also has exceptional bracket technology. Most poles with rings foul the brackets as they pass, but the Bradbury Pole has a special passing bracket that allows the curtain rings to flow past the bracket when used in conjunction with a C-ring.

    The 30mm Bradbury Pole is also suitable for eyelet curtains and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

    Please note finials and end caps are sold separately.

    Track Colour: Stainless Steel

    From: £28.25 RRP: £40.35
  5. Silent Gliss 7600 - 23mm Hand Drawn Uncorded Metropole Metal Pole

    The Silent Gliss Metropole 7600 is a 23mm diameter pole that operates using gliders instead of the traditional rings around the pole. This allows the gliders to operate without interference from the brackets. The 7600 is available in white, matt white, ecru, chrome, silver anodised, gunmetal or charcoal. This pole is suitable for bay windows and can be bent by our engineers in our factory using special tooling to the specifications and dimensions of your bay window.

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 1003 23mm pole.

    From: £105.60 RRP: £124.24
  6. Silent Gliss 7610 - 30mm Metropole

    The Silent Gliss 7610 Metro Pole is the best selling bespoke curtain pole for bay windows. This is because it operates like a track but looks like a pole. The gliders and brackets are fitted in separate channels on the pole so that the gliders and curtains can run smoothly around bends and past the brackets without any restriction or interruption. An additional benefit to the pole operating in this method is that the pole can be fitted to a wall or virtually flush to a ceiling. The 30mm diameter Metropole is available in white, matt white, ecru, taupe, ochre, sand, antique bronze, bronze, chrome, silver anodised, anodic grey, slate grey, gunmetal, charcoal and black.

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6130 30mm pole.

    From: £132.83 RRP: £156.27
  7. Silent Gliss 7620 - 50mm Uncorded Metropolitan Metal Pole

    The Metropole is also available in a 50mm diameter version. The pole still operates in the same fashion with gliders instead of rings to reduce friction and to avoid the technical problems of rings going past brackets and around bends. The Silent Gliss 7620 can be fitted to a wall or a ceiling and is able to be bent by our engineers to suit bay windows..

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6140 50mm pole.

    From: £255.65 RRP: £300.76
  8. Silent Gliss 7605 - 36mm Metro Flat

    The Silent Gliss Metro Flat 7605 pole is a product that is designed to be suitable for bay windows and long curtain expanses. The gliders and brackets are fitted separately so that one does not obstruct the other when operating. The face depth of the Metro flat is 36mm and is available in white, matt white, silver anodised, black, charcoal, gunmetal, slate grey, anodic grey, bronze, antique bronze and chrome. The Metro flat can be bent by our engineers to suit most bay windows, we are able to bend these poles in our factory to dimensions you supply.

    This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6100 36mm pole.

    From: £130.56 RRP: £153.60
  9. Neo 28mm Metal Curtain Pole

    The Neo 28mm Diameter Pole is a pole with rings that is suitable for light/medium weight curtains. It is a packaged product that comes complete with rings, brackets and finials and is available in four set sizes. This is not a made to measure product and will not be cut to size. The Neo pole is best suited to small windows and cannot be bent to suit bay window shapes.

    From: £80.32 RRP: £94.49
  10. Neo 19mm Curtain Pole with Rings

    The 19mm steel pole is a traditional style pole that is 19mm diameter and works using a ring. It is suitable for lightweight curtains and comes complete to set sizes including the rings, brackets and finials. A very good economical product suitable for lightweight curtains, voiles and nets on smaller windows.

    From: £96.52 RRP: £113.55

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