Uncorded Curtain Tracks

For a simple elegant look, you can’t beat an uncorded or hand-drawn curtain track. A minimalist design means the rail blends into the background — leaving the focus on your curtains. And as the system uses gliders rather than rings or eyelets, drawing them is smoother and easier than ever before.

Buy bespoke curtain tracks online from us and you’ll receive a 15% discount on RRP. What could be better?

Quality Engineering from Silent Gliss

Our curtain tracks are from well-known manufacturer Silent Gliss. They’re engineered to an extremely high standard and made from aluminium, with nylon fittings. Nylon is stronger than plastic, so the components won’t erode with time or be damaged by sunlight.

Hand-drawn curtain tracks are very reliable and the models on this page come with a five-year guarantee. They’re cost-effective, durable and maintenance-free.

Choosing the Right Model

We offer five uncorded tracks, which are suitable for either lightweight or heavy curtains. The Silent Gliss 1080 is the lighter version, suitable for sheer fabrics and medium weight curtains. Or choose the 1280 for a more heavy-duty design. The 3840 is ideal for use with Wave and has a top fix clamp that is hidden under the track, making it ideal for room dividers. The 1025 top fix and 1021 face fix tracks are both very minimal light weight tracks which flush fix to the wall or ceiling. More popular than ever now is the 6243 recess track which is designed to be fitted inside the ceiling recess so it is not seen — great for bi-fold doors and modern living.

All models are simple in design and extremely easy to fit.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Our engineers can bend our uncorded curtain tracks to fit bay windows and other locations. Unlike flimsy versions available from most DIY stores, Silent Gliss tracks need special tools and expertise to bend correctly. Simply send us the dimensions of your bay and we’ll create a bespoke curtain rail that fits perfectly.

Order online or call our advice line on 01494 535699.

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  • Silent Gliss 1025 top fix and 1021 face fix - Uncorded Metal Track

    The Silent Gliss 1021/1025 curtain track is a flush fixing curtain track which means that there is no need for a bracket, instead a pre-drilled flange coming from the back of the track is used to secure the hand drawn track to the ceiling.  The 1021 is used when a flush wall fixing is required where as a 1025 is used for a flush ceiling fixing.  This track is ideal for light weight curtains, nets and voiles and can be bent by us in our factory for bay windows.  The 1025 and 1021 is also ideal for camper vans and caravans and can be secured up into the ceiling of any camper van or caravan.

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  • Silent Gliss 1080 - Uncorded Metal Track

    The Silent Gliss 1080 curtain track is a widely copied track. If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery then the 1080 would be very flattered indeed. However all attempts to copy the quality of the Silent Gliss 1080 hand drawn track have failed. When it comes to a simple uncorded hand drawn track the 1080 is unrivalled in the finish as well as the quality of components. Suitable for light/medium weight curtains and available in white, matt white, silver, anodic grey, charcoal and antique bronze and can be bent to suit bay windows.

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  • Silent Gliss 1280 - Uncorded Metal Track

    Suitable for heavy curtains, the Silent Gliss 1280 uses a roller glider to ensure that no matter what the weight of curtain the track still runs smoothly and efficiently. The roller glider sits in the front edge of the track to ensure there is also no dust build up which can hamper the running of other brands. The roller glider also produces less friction which makes the Silent Gliss 1280 the market leading uncorded curtain track. The 1280 curtain rail is also suitable for bay windows and can be bent to suit any bay window by our trained engineers.

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  • Silent Gliss 6840 - Uncorded Metal Track

    The Silent Gliss 6840 hand drawn curtain track is ideal for fixing flush to the ceiling. What makes this track different from the 1080 & 1280 is that there are a number of glider options.  The track can be supplied with a standard glider for normal/medium curtains, a roller glider for heavy curtains or a special wave glider that can be used with wave tape to create a modern style of curtain heading that ripples in and out like a wave.  The very neat and perfectly symmetrical curtain heading also stacks back to the tightest of all curtain headings.  The Silent Gliss 6840 uncorded curtain track is also ideal for fixing flush to the ceiling and can be used as a room divider due to the fact that it looks the same front and back.

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  • Silent Gliss 6243 - Uncorded Metal Recess Track

    The Silent Gliss 6243 has been designed to be recess fitted into a ceiling.  It is suitable for medium to heavy curtains and can be bent to suit bay windows in our factory using special tooling.  This product cannot be bent on site.  Pre punched holes in the Silent Gliss 6243 allow the track to be screwed up through the track into a ceiling recess.  The Silent Gliss 6243 is also suitable for use with the wave gliders.  The perfect track for recess fixing.

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These guys were awesome. They were very helpful with measurements way before I committed to buying anything. The pole was perfect and very easy to install. I really struggled to find anything else out there that was as good.


Five Star Service. I have used The Curtain Pole and Track Company on various occasions. Very nice, helpful people. I found their advice invaluable – they certainly know their stuff – and I cannot recommend them highly enough.


The rail arrived on Friday and my husband fitted it over the weekend. It was fixed perfectly and fitted to the centimetre. The curtains have not run this smoothly in years.


Thank you very much, excellent service.


I would like to thank you all for your incredible customer service. The product arrived yesterday as promised and it is superb. I am so impressed with everything.


Fantastic customer service. Will definitely deal with this company again.


Very helpful team and product received as required on time. First class service.

Mrs N

Excellent Service from point of order to delivery.


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