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Bradbury 30mm Stainless Steel Curtain Pole with Rings

The Bradbury Pole works in the traditional manner of having rings hand drawn along the pole. It is a stainless steel 30mm diameter pole and is of a very high quality. The Bradbury Pole can be bent by our engineers using heavy duty electric power bending machinery. To withstand this process, the pole needs to be of an extremely high standard – not any pole can be bent to suit bay windows. This model is 100% stainless steel and not a steel pole with a stainless steel effect.

The Bradbury Pole also has exceptional bracket technology. Most poles with rings foul the brackets as they pass, but the Bradbury Pole has a special passing bracket that allows the curtain rings to flow past the bracket when used in conjunction with a C-ring.

The 30mm Bradbury Pole is also suitable for eyelet curtains and comes with a 5 year guarantee.


Please note finials and end caps are sold separately.


Track Colour:- Stainless Steel

From: £28.25 RRP: £40.35

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From: £28.25 RRP: £40.35

The Bradbury 30mm pole is an exceptionally well-engineered and high quality stainless steel pole. To enable us to be able to bend this pole to a radius as little as 23mm, the pole must be engineered to withstand immense pressure. This makes it suitable for heavy curtains, long expanses or complex shaped bay windows.

The Bradbury Pole works in the traditional style and can either come with rings for operation with pinch pleat or tape heading, or without rings for tab or eyelet curtains. Unlike other poles that come with rings, the Bradbury Pole has specially designed brackets that will ensure there is no interference between ring and bracket. The bracket has been designed so that when used in conjunction with a C-ring, which will be supplied automatically if required, there is no contact between the two. This is why the Bradbury pole is the only pole with rings that we will supply for a bay window or long expanse.

Eyelet curtains have become extremely popular over the last few years, although they are not the most practical of curtain heading styles. Eyelet curtains cannot go past brackets, which makes them less suitable for bay windows. The Bradbury pole has been designed to need as few brackets as possible, to minimise the disturbance this can make when using eyelet curtains. However, when choosing curtains headings, we strongly advise that you avoid eyelets for bay windows.

Finials can be added to this product to enhance the design of the pole and to personalise it to your desired style. Simple end caps are also available separately if you wanted a more minimal look.

The Bradbury Pole comes with a 6 year guarantee and is so well-engineered that we will offer you a full refund if you are not satisfied with the quality.


Please note finials and end caps are sold separately. 

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