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Silent Gliss 7605 - 36mm Metro Flat

The Silent Gliss Metro Flat 7605 pole is a product that is designed to be suitable for bay windows and long curtain expanses. The gliders and brackets are fitted separately so that one does not obstruct the other when operating. The face depth of the Metro flat is 36mm and is available in white, matt white, silver anodised, black, charcoal, gunmetal, slate grey, anodic grey, bronze, antique bronze and chrome. The Metro flat can be bent by our engineers to suit most bay windows, we are able to bend these poles in our factory to dimensions you supply.

This product replaces the Silent Gliss 6100 36mm pole.

From: £138.40 RRP: £162.82
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Matt White
Antique Bronze
Anodic Grey
Slate Grey
From: £138.40 RRP: £162.82

The 7605 Metro Flat is technically closer to a rail than a pole, but because it is more attractive than your average track and is designed to be seen we class it as a pole. The 7605 is 36mm in depth which makes it suitable for floor length curtains as the drop of the curtains will not overpower the pole. It is also suitable for heavy and interlined curtains and can even be upgraded by adding roller gliders as an option to take extremely heavy curtains or to make the hand drawing extra smooth. Like all the Metro Poles it also operates with the glider and bracket channels separate from each other making the operation effective and smooth by avoiding any obstruction from the brackets and allowing for top fixing so that it can be fitted flush with the ceiling. The 7605 Metro Flat is suitable for bay windows and can be bent to a radius of 200mm making it an ideal option for multi angled bay windows. The track is engineered to look minimalistic and modern and comes with end caps as standard. There is an additional range of finials that are available as an extra to change the desired look and style of the product to suit the room. The 7605 Metro Flat comes with one bracket every 60cm - 80cm as standard, with a choice of four different extensions and one top fixing option. The standard face fix bracket is the 2" bracket which also comes as with a cover to hide the fixing screws as standard. Ten gliders per metre are supplied on the pole as standard and are included in the price. Available in eleven modern colours the 7605 Metro Flat will suit a modern contemporary living style especially when combined with the wave headed curtains system.

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