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Silent Gliss 3000 - Corded Metal Curtain Track

The Silent Gliss 3000 corded curtain track is an exceptional track suitable for light/medium weight curtains. The track can be bent to suit bay windows to a 100mm, 150mm or 200mm radius and can also be gradually curved to much larger radii for semi-circle or bow windows. The 3000 track can be made up to 600cm in one piece and can be corded with an intermediate pulley that splits operation into to pulleys allowing for multiple curtains or longer windows.

The Silent Gliss 3000 is an aluminium track available in white.

From: £105.67 RRP: £124.32

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From: £105.67 RRP: £124.32

The Silent Gliss 3000 corded curtain track is an excellent track for light/medium weight curtains. The 3000 curtain rail is a bespoke product that is bent by our qualified engineers to suit any bay and can bend to a minimum radius of 100mm. Like all the Silent Gliss corded tracks it can be face fixed to a wall or window frame or top fixed to a ceiling. The Silent Gliss 3000 is able to carry up to 15kg of curtain weight although this is reduced depending on the shape of the window. The corded curtain rails that we manufacture all have separate cording channels and the 3000 is no exception. Separate cording channels mean that the cord is kept within the mechanism and does not require the cords to be tensioned, this makes the track much more versatile and stronger. As standard our tracks are fitted with a metal overlap arm that provide a bridge for the two curtains to overlap, ensuring that there is not a gap where the curtains meet and reducing the amount of light that can come into the room when the curtains are closed. We use a metal overlap instead of the standard nylon because of the extra strength and flexibility that it provides. Corded curtain rails are much better than the hand drawn variety because they avoid the necessity to handle your curtains. Constant handling can damage and mark fabric over time and a corded track helps to extend the life of your curtains. Another benefit to a corded rails is that it can move across places that could be obstructed. For example if you have bay, shaped or bow window and have a sofa or table in the middle of it, hand pulling a curtain around the bay could require you to lean over or stand on the obstructing object. With a corded track you simply pull the curtain from one side.

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