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Silent Gliss 5600 Electric Curtain Track Basic Motor

Silent Gliss 5600 Electric Curtain Track Basic Motor

The Silent Gliss 5600 Electric curtain track is a benchmark in Electric curtain track technology.  The innovation in design and operation meets the complex demands of modern design and architecture.  The main Features of the 5600 are:
1.  Silent - The 5600 system is the most silent track on the market due to the perfect combination of a specially waxed coated track, two part roller glider and high performance brushless motor.
2. Fast - The High performance motor offers the fastest curtain movement of 21cm per second with an option to reduce speed to 15cm per second.
3.  Powerful - The 5600 can carry curtain weights up to a remarkable 65kg at speed.
4.  Technology - compatible with all home automated systems and available with radio control modules which link to smart devices via an app.  The 5600 is a leader in home design technology.
5.  Adaptive - Touch and Go operation means that when the curtains are pulled by hand, the track takes over and operates the curtains automatically.  In the event of a power failure the curtains will run smoothly by hand without any alteration.  The 5600 can be bent for bay windows and recessed into a ceiling making it the most versatile track on the market.

From: £1,445.72 RRP: £1,882.45
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From: £1,445.72 RRP: £1,882.45

The Silent Gliss 5600 electric curtain track is the market leading electrically operated rail, by the market leading company in electric curtain products.  The 5600 electric curtain track is a made to measure curtain track that is the world’s most silent electrically operated track.  It has a special coating on the profile which in conjunction with the specially designed roller gliders means that the track is extremely quiet.  Its appearance is elegant and stylish whilst being able to handle curtain weights of up to 65kg and can be made up to 15 metres in length.  It is equipped with the new "touch and Go" system that allows for manual override operation during power cuts and will automatically operate the curtains when pulled by hand if powered, the 5600 is a technological leader as well as being a very stylish  product.  At its standard setting The Silent Gliss 5600 pulls the curtains at 21cm per second and has an option to slow the motor down to 15cm per second if preferred.  An app is also available so that control of the 5600 can be maintained and operated from anywhere in the world.  In addition to the standard system that can be mains switched or switched by using a low voltage by using a low voltage switching module, the Silent Gliss 5600 can also have a radio control module fitted directly into the motor to allow control using a variety of radio control devices.  Some of the devices that we offer include hand held remotes with timers or wall switches with timers.  The Silent Gliss 5600 can be bent for bay windows by our trained bending engineers and comes with a five year guarantee.

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