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Silent Gliss 1025 top fix and 1021 face fix - Uncorded Metal Track

The Silent Gliss 1021/1025 curtain track is a flush fixing curtain track which means that there is no need for a bracket, instead a pre-drilled flange coming from the back of the track is used to secure the hand drawn track to the ceiling.  The 1021 is used when a flush wall fixing is required where as a 1025 is used for a flush ceiling fixing.  This track is ideal for light weight curtains, nets and voiles and can be bent by us in our factory for bay windows.  The 1025 and 1021 is also ideal for camper vans and caravans and can be secured up into the ceiling of any camper van or caravan.

From: £17.27 RRP: £20.32
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Silent Gliss 1021 Face Fix
Silent Gliss 1025 Top Fix
From: £17.27 RRP: £20.32

What makes the Silent Gliss 1021/1025 special is its fixing method and depth.  The fixing is through a pre drilled flange at the back of the track which has fixing holes located every 30cm.  This type track is called a direct fix track as it does not use a bracket to connect to the wall or ceiling.  The track fits flush to the ceiling or wall and projects by only 6.5mm (less than 1cm) which is ideal for fitting in areas where space is limited such as above bi-fold doors and tilting windows.  We have also used this track a great deal for caravans, camper vans and for lorry cabs.  The track can be bent by our trained engineers using special tooling to suit most situations and can be bent at a radius of 100mm.  The radius of this track can also be reduced down to a 60mm radius if required.  An exceptional track purpose built for flush fixing and areas with limited space.

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