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Silent Gliss 1280 - Uncorded Metal Track

Suitable for heavy curtains, the Silent Gliss 1280 uses a roller glider to ensure that no matter what the weight of curtain the track still runs smoothly and efficiently. The roller glider sits in the front edge of the track to ensure there is also no dust build up which can hamper the running of other brands. The roller glider also produces less friction which makes the Silent Gliss 1280 the market leading uncorded curtain track. The 1280 curtain rail is also suitable for bay windows and can be bent to suit any bay window by our trained engineers.

From: £43.67 RRP: £51.37
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From: £43.67 RRP: £51.37

Hand drawn curtain tracks are a simple and effective way of dressing a window. The problem with most is that they are not suitable for heavy curtains or curtains with long drops. The Silent Gliss 1280 solves these problems with a very clever wheeled roller glider that sits in the front edge of the track. This roller glider wheels its way around the track rather than dragging and creating friction, this makes the pulling of the curtain very easy and has the effect of making heavy curtains feel lighter. Another benefit to the 1280 curtain rail is its size. Although it is a heavy weight track suitable for the heaviest domestic curtains, it is only 17mm in depth top to bottom. This makes it ideal for fitting where there is limited space, or between ceiling and windows or doors that open inwards as well as bi-folding patio door situations. The Silent Gliss 1280 also uses the same brackets as the 1080, 3000 & 3900 tracks. An overlap arm is also available if selected to create an overlap between two curtains making sure there are no gaps between the two. The Silent Gliss 1280 is ideal for bay windows and can be bent using special tooling by our engineers to a minimum radius of 150mm. It can also be gradually bent to suit curved or semi-circle windows and can be bent forward and reverse to suit all bays. This is a bespoke made to measure product and cannot be bent at home.

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