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Silent Gliss 5100B - Autoglide Electric Track - Basic Switch Operation

The Silent Gliss 5100 Autoglide basic operation is an electric curtain track with a switch operation.  The switch is a remote switch meaning it is wireless and communicates with the electric track by radio signal rather than connecting with wires.  The Autoglide Electric Curtain Rail can carry up to 25kg of curtaining and can be bent for bay windows.

Although this is the basic version of the Autoglide Electric Curtain Track, there is nothing basic about it.  The motor has a built-in radio receiver.  The curtains have a “touch and go” operation which will automatically take over the opening and closing of the curtain when the curtains are pulled by hand.  In the event of a power failure, the curtains can be easily operated manually without the need for any alteration.

The Silent Gliss 5100 Autoglide electric curtain track is ideal for light to medium weight curtains.

From: £479.34 RRP: £624.14

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From: £479.34 RRP: £624.14

Silent Gliss Autoglide is one of the best-known brands of motorised curtain track.  The Autoglide offers a budget electric track solution that maintains the quality that Silent Gliss have a renowned reputation for.

The Autoglide electric curtain track is available in four options; Switch Operated, Radio Remote Handset Control, Timer and Switch or the Total Control with Timer and Radio Remote Handset.  All four systems have a manual override that allows the curtains to be pulled easily by hand should the power fail and a “touch and go” system which automatically takes over the operation of the curtain track if someone tries to close them manually or open them by hand. 

The Silent Gliss 5100 Autoglide Electric Curtain Rail also has the following additional features:

  • The Electric Tracks have a radio receiver integrated into the motor so that you do not need a relay or sensor in view to receive the signal. 
  • All controls are wireless for the Autoglide Electric Track.
  • The Autoglide Electric Curtain Track can be bent to suit bay windows.
  • The Autoglide Electric Curtain Track operates with a smooth, soft start and close feature meaning the curtains do not collide when opening and closing.
  • The Autoglide Electric Curtain Track can be top fixed to the ceiling or fitted to the wall with either a 3” or 4” bracket.
  • The Autoglide Electric Curtain Track is suitable to be used with the wave curtain heading system which will create a smooth flow of curtaining without ruching.  For more information, please see our Wave Curtain page.
  • There is no need for an electrician to do pre-wiring, the Autoglide electric curtain track plugs into a mains socket.
  • Excellent addition to security as an electric curtain track will close your curtains when you are out or away on holiday, giving the illusion that someone is at home.

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