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Galleria Range Brackets

Galleria curtain poles are decorative and affordable. We supply these poles with rings, two end brackets and one centre bracket. However, sometimes you may need extra brackets or a different type of fixing.

All these brackets are available in a burnished brass or brushed silver finish. View the range here.

Wall Fix Brackets

The standard brackets for Galleria poles are designed to be fixed to a wall – also known as face fix. They have been attractively designed, with a scrolling shape and two distinct feet. This is also a strong bracket, which provides a very stable and sturdy connection to the wall.

Centre Brackets

Our centre brackets are simpler in design than the end brackets. They can be used at the ends of the pole if it is short and the curtains are lightweight, but are designed to support a rail in the middle.

One centre bracket is supplied with the pole, but for extra-long poles with multiple curtains, you may want more. Please note that curtains can’t be moved past these brackets, so they need to be placed where two curtains meet.

Recess Brackets

Most curtain poles are mounted above the window, fixed to the wall or ceiling. However, it’s also possible to fix one inside a window cavity using our special recess brackets.

These brackets are ideal for smaller windows, or where brackets projecting out from the wall would be inappropriate. They can also be used half way up a window to hang café curtains – this creates a look that’s chic and practical, maintaining privacy while letting in light.

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All brackets are sold individually.

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