Wave Curtains and Fabric Made by Silent Gliss

Wave is an innovative curtain heading system created by Silent Gliss. Wave style curtains are an ideal way to update your room from a traditional curtain system, to create a striking visual statement. What better way is there to ensure that your curtains hang beautifully than to use a recommended Silent Gliss fabric and have them made by Silent Gliss?

If you would like to order or enquire about Wave curtains, please use the Enquiry Form at the bottom of the page.

Wave curtains are minimalist in appearance and have been designed to create a flowing wave effect. The look is achieved through the combination of a unique heading tape and a Wave glider-cord, to ensure the fabric hangs in a soft and even pattern. The fabric and the way the curtains are made have a significant impact on the way the curtains look and dress. Silent Gliss have tested all their fabric ranges and have selected and categorised them, only recommending the fabric styles and types that they know can be made beautifully and hang perfectly using the Wave system.

wave curtains

To achieve the desired result, Wave curtains should be installed with a Silent Gliss Wave track. Wave curtains are compatible with the 3840, 5100, 5600, 6130, 6120, 6100, 6140, 6160, 6150 and 6243 products, in conjunction with the 60mm or 80mm pitch Wave glider.

Why Choose Wave Curtains?

If you're looking for a unique curtain design to update your room, Wave curtains are a great option. Here are some of the benefits of Wave curtains:

  • Suit any home décor scheme
  • Maintain a structured form throughout drop
  • Minimalist in appearance
  • Reduced curtain stack depth
  • Can be installed with pelmets
  • Can be made in continuous fabric width when using the Silent Gliss fabrics, meaning that there would be no seams in your curtain

Selecting Your Wave Curtains

We create made to measure Wave curtains to suit any home, whether your room has a traditional or modern design.

Colour and Fabric Selector

Our Wave curtains can be made in a range of colours, so you can match your curtains to the colour scheme of your room.

There’s also a wide selection of fabric styles, tested and approved by Silent Gliss. The weave and textures are specially selected because they hold the wave shape throughout the drop of the curtain. Some fabrics from alternative manufacturers may not hang and dress well when made into Wave curtains; Silent Gliss will only make Wave curtains in the selected fabrics from their range to ensure the best possible result.  The two Colorama ranges give you an excellent finished curtain, large colour palette to select from and are available in two different translucent qualities.

The Colorama fabric range has been designed to provide the ultimate Wave. The structure of the fabric means your curtains will have a soft, uniform look and your curtains can be made without seams.  Colorama 1 is a sheer fabric which is ideal as a voile/net curtain. Colorama 2 is a slightly thicker fabric, which can be made as a lined or unlined curtain depending upon your requirements. Other fabrics are available including blackout fabrics to block out light. If you’re interested, please use the Enquiry Form to obtain further information and advice.

  • Colorama 400
  • Colorama 401
  • Colorama 402
  • Colorama 404
  • Colorama 406
  • Colorama 407
  • Colorama 408
  • Colorama 409
  • Colorama 410
  • Colorama 411
  • Colorama 413
  • Colorama 414
  • Colorama 415
  • Colorama 416
  • Colorama 418
  • Colorama 420
  • Colorama 421
  • Colorama 422
  • Colorama 423
  • Colorama 427
  • Colorama 428
  • Colorama 429
  • Colorama 433
  • Colorama 436
  • Colorama 437
  • Colorama 439
  • Colorama 440
  • Colorama 441
  • Colorama 442
  • Colorama 443
  • Colorama 445
  • Colorama 446
  • Colorama 447
  • Colorama 448
  • Colorama 450
  • Colorama 451
  • Colorama 452
  • Colorama 463
  • Colorama 469
  • Colorama 476

Please note: Every reasonable care has been taken to accurately represent product colours, however slight variations may occur due to different screen settings, shading differences between batches, and the nature of the photographic process. Colour samples may be available on request.

Pricing Guide

We’ve created a table to provide an estimate of Wave curtain prices at a glance. Find out how much your Wave curtains will cost below, depending on your width and drop requirements:

Colorama 1

Width >
150cm 200cm 250cm 300cm 350cm 400cm 450cm 500cm < Width
Drop:                 Drop:
Up to
£401.11 £534.81 £668.52 £802.21 £935.93 £1,069.62 £1,203.32 £,1337.03 Up to
301 to
£601.00 £802.21 £1,003.43 £1,204.64 £1,405.86 1,607.08 £1,808.29 £2,009.51 301 to
351 to
£691.02 £922.69 £1,154.34 £1,386.01 £1,617.67 £1,849.33 £2,080.99 £2,312.66 351 to

Colorama 2

Width >
150cm 200cm 250cm 300cm 350cm 400cm 450cm 500cm < Width
Drop:                 Drop:
Up to
£550.69 £733.38 £916.06 £1,098.74 £1,281.43 £1,464.11 £1,646.80 £1,829.47 Up to
301 to
£826.04 £1,100.08 £1,374.10 £1,648.12 £1,922.14 £2,196.17 £2,470.19 £2,744.22 301 to
351 to
£950.48 £1,265.54 £1,580.60 £1895.66 £2,210.72 £2,525.78 £2,840.84 £3,155.90 351 to


To obtain further information and a detailed quote for your made to measure Wave curtains, submit the enquiry form below and a member of our friendly team will get in touch.



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These guys were awesome. They were very helpful with measurements way before I committed to buying anything. The pole was perfect and very easy to install. I really struggled to find anything else out there that was as good.


Five Star Service. I have used The Curtain Pole and Track Company on various occasions. Very nice, helpful people. I found their advice invaluable – they certainly know their stuff – and I cannot recommend them highly enough.


The rail arrived on Friday and my husband fitted it over the weekend. It was fixed perfectly and fitted to the centimetre. The curtains have not run this smoothly in years.


Thank you very much, excellent service.


I would like to thank you all for your incredible customer service. The product arrived yesterday as promised and it is superb. I am so impressed with everything.


Fantastic customer service. Will definitely deal with this company again.


Very helpful team and product received as required on time. First class service.

Mrs N

Excellent Service from point of order to delivery.


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